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You ShootThe present invention relates to the distribution and deposition of photopolymerizable prepolymers which are generally referred to as aqueous emulsion type prepolymers. More particularly, it relates to an aqueous emulsion type prepolymer wherein photosensitive monomers are uniformly deposited, evenly spread and become polymerized as a film. Aqueous emulsion type prepolymers are usually prepared in accordance with a conventional method as follows: a suspension of a particulate solid polymer obtained by polymerization of a monomer and an aqueous dispersion of a polymer, or a suspension of a dispersion of a monomer or a polymer, a dispersion stabilizer, a polymerization initiator and a surface active agent in water are blended, agitated and dispersed in an aqueous medium. In this system, the polymer particles are prevented from being agglomerated by mutual adsorption. However, the aqueous emulsion type prepolymers thus obtained exhibit poor polymerizability. That is, the resulting film is opaque and exhibits no distinct color, and hence it cannot be used for optical applications. In addition, it is difficult to use such prepolymers as coating compositions because the films thus obtained are not uniform in thickness. Moreover, it is necessary to use a large amount of a dispersion stabilizer, and hence the resin is disadvantageous for preparation in large quantities. Furthermore, such aqueous emulsion type prepolymer must be used in the form of a suspension in water before being used for coating, printing or the like. On the other hand, aqueous emulsion type prepolymers are required to have improved dispersibility, and for this purpose, the surface active agents are usually added. However, since the resulting emulsion is unstable, the surface active agents used have an adverse effect on the coating properties and the polymerizability. Thus, it is desired to provide an aqueous emulsion type prepolymer which can be used as a film, without any special treatment, for various applications such as optical materials, coatings, adhesives, printing inks, decorative paints and the like. In addition, it is desired to provide an aqueous emulsion type prepolymer which can be used in the form of an aqueous solution before or after coating for the applications.Chemical analysis of the St. Petersburg beer using a modified moving bed diafiltration technique. The determination of the concentration of chemical components of




Tammy Sytch Youshoot Download

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